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Convert Date to Roman Numerals

Convert birthday, anniversary date and other significant dates to Roman Numerals.

About Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals surround us in today's modern world! Look at a clock-tower, or even many analog watches, and you'll find the hours in Roman Numerals: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, X12.

Many buildings have the date or year of construction inscribed above the front door using Roman Numerals. Copyright notices, particularly at the end of movies, likewise use Roman Numerals indicating the date the work was produced.

Many notable sporting events use Roman Numerals. Superbowl LV (55) was held in February 2021. The 2020 Summer Olympics, is also known as Olympics MMXX (2020), even though postponed until the Summer of 2021.

With just 7 characters, the ancient world used Roman Numerals for counting and dating: I (1), V (5), X (10), L (50), C (100), D (500), M (1000). That's compared to the base 10 number system we use today, comprised of digits 0 to 9.

Unlike our system of counting, which is positional, Roman Numerals are non-positional. That is, for us where the 9 appears and how many zeros after it account for the values of the following: 9, 90, and 900. The Romans had rules on how to combine their characters to arrive at a value: IX (9), XC (90), and CM (900).

Convert Date to Roman Numerals

This calculator translates a date into its Roman Numeral equivalent. Convert your birthday or your kids birthdays into Roman numeral - or anyone's, from people you know to historical figures to favorite celebs.

These Roman luminaries, after whom our summer months July and August are named, were born over 2000 (MM) years ago:

  • Julius Caesar, Roman Statesman, Born VII XII C (July 12, 100 BC)
  • Augustus Caesar, first emperor of Rome, Born IX XXIII, LXIII (September 23, 63 BC)

If you need a break from ho-hum modern dates, go regal and translate to Roman Numeral! A Roman Numeral date can also be a great way to memorialize your important dates.

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