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Friday the Thirteenth Birthday Calendar

If you or someone you know was born on the thirteenth of the month, see which birthdays will occur on Friday the thirteenth.

No - only show years with Birthday on Fri. 13th

(Optional) If empty, defaults to 100 years


Generate birthday calendar for a person born on the 13th of any month. You can opt to view all birthdays between date of birth and a specific age; Or, view just years in age range where the birthday falls on Friday the 13th.

About Friday the Thirteenth

Every year has at least one month with a Friday the Thirteenth, some years have 2 months with Friday the 13th; At most 3 months* in any given year will have Friday the Thirteenth.

It's easy to know if a month will have a Friday the 13th. If the month starts on a Sunday, the second Friday of that month will be on the thirteenth. Years which have three months with Friday the 13th are non-leap year, where January 1st of that year is on a Thursday.

This calculator creates a calendar showing each birthday that occurs on Friday the Thirteenth. If a person was born on the Thirteenth of a month, the calendar shows every birthday in the age range (from date of birth up to maximum 120 years!) that will or has occurred on a Friday. You can opt to include all birthdays, or just birthdays on Friday the Thirteenth.

* Based on non-leap years and on the Gregorian Calendar, used by USA, Canada, UK and most other countries.