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Friday the 13th Calendar by Year

Find out when Friday the 13th occurs in any range of years, by viewing on Friday the Thirteenth Calendar. Every year has at least one Friday 13th - more below!

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Generate a Friday the 13th Calendar for one or more years. To define which years should be included on the calendar, enter the From and To years. If you only want to produce for one year, enter it in the From Year field.

Want to know if the 13th of any month/year is a Friday? Use our Is Date Friday the Thirteenth Calculator! Born on 13th? Generate Friday 13th Birthday Calendar.

About Friday the Thirteenth

Yes, it's true: every year in the Gregorian calendar, which is used by almost every country world-wide, will have at least one month having a Friday the Thirteenth. And, some years will have 2 months having Friday the 13th, and non-leap years where January 1 falls on a Thurday will have 3 months!

Use the Friday the Thirteenth Calendar to find out exactly which months have the 13th occurring on a Friday for one or more years. You can calculate for the current year, past years, future years, or a range of years.

Oddly enough - or perhaps if you are Firday the 13th superstitious, as expected - it turns out that on the Gregorian calendar (which spans 400 years, and then re-starts), the incidence of the 13th of a month falling on a Friday is slightly higher than occurring on any other day of the week. This was calculated in 1933 by American mathematician B.H. Brown (and imagine, he had no computers to crunch these Friday 13th numbers).

Are you friggatriskaidekaphobia? It means an extreme fear of Friday the Thirteenth. The word has been around for about a century, combining 3 words frigga [for Friday, Norse], triskaideka [for Thirteen, Greek] and [Phobia, Greek].

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