When Will I Be Age Calculator

Calculate when, in the future, you'll be turning a specific age. For example, when will you be 65 or 67 years old, or when will you be 66 years and 4 months, or 59.5? Just enter your birthdate, and your destination age to find out when you'll be that age

FYI - You can also use this calculator to check the date of a past age by entering an age less than your/the person's current age.

When will you (or person) be Age in Years

(Optional) To calculate Years + Months

(Optional) Use if calculating for someone else

Note: When you run this calculator the birth date you enter is saved in a temporary (session) cookie so you do not have re-enter if running the calculator multiple times while visiting our site. The cookie is automatically deleted when your browser closes.

Entry Fields

In the When - Years Old field, enter the age, in years, for which you are calculating. For example, if you want to calculate when you will be 65 years old, enter 65.

Use the And, Months field if you also want to calculate when a person will be Years Old and Months Old: the Months field combines with the Years field. For example, to calculate when you will be 66 and 3 months old, enter 66 into the Years field, and 3 into the Months field.

To calculate for a "half year" - such as when will I be 64 and a half (64.5) - enter 6 for Months (ie. 6/12 of a year = .5 year).