Couples Aging Calculator

Wondering when you and your spouse or partner will reach age milestones, particularly if you have an age difference? Generate your aging chart and see how you grow old together! Also use calculator to age yourself (or anyone) with others: For example, age yourself with a grandparent or uncle, age your parents together...

To stop at age or year (default: 100). More below

To stop at age or year (default: 100). More below

Indicate when to start aging calendar


*Partner: You can also use this field to enter spouse, partner, friend, parent, relative...

End at Age/Year (optional fields): Aging for each person ends when that person reaches age 100, unless you select a different end age (up to 100) or end year. This enables you to create aging scenarios beyond contemporaneous couples. For example, you could age yourself with a parent or grandparent. The calculator will determine if you've entered age or year by what's contained in the field. If the value is 100 or less, age is assumed; If 1850 or greater, year is assumed.