Midlife Calculator

Calculate when you will be, or were, in midlife, which is midpoint age in your life, based on either your country's life expectancy or the age to which you expect to live. Also use the midlife crisis age to determine if it coincides with your midlife age or by how much it deviates.

(Optional) To compare midlife crisis with midlife age

Used if Midlife Crisis Age specified above

(Optional) Use if calculating for someone else

Life Expectancy: (Select based on country, or projected age)

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Entry Fields

Birth Date - Enter the birth date of the person whose midlife age you are calculating.

Midlife Crisis Age - To compare midlife age to midlife crisis age, enter the age at which midlife crisis occurs. Use the next field, Age Based On, to indicate if the midlife crisis age is actual (it has occurred) or projected (in the future). This field is optional.

(Midlife) Age Based On - If calculating midlife crisis using the above field, indicate if the midlife crisis age is actual, meaning it has actually occurred at the age you specified, or, projected, to calculate if the midlife crisis were to occur at the age specified. If you specify a projected age that is less than the person's current age, a note to this effect displays on the calculated results since it can not be projected if in the past - it either occurred or did not.

Person's Name - If calculating for yourself, you can leave this field blank. If calculating for someone else, fill in the person's name. You can calculate midlife for yourself, a friend or relative, public figures, and more. While only a fraction of people experience a midlife crisis, everyone experiences a midlife.

Life Expectancy

In order to calculate midlife, how long a person lives is needed, since midlife is the midpoint of someone's life.

This calculator provides two ways to specify lifespan: based on life expectancy by a person's country of residence, or by specifying predicted or actual Live Until Age.

Life Expectancy - To calculate how long a person will live based on the average longevity in the country where the person lives, select the Country from the drop-down, and, optionally, Gender. If Gender is not specified, average longevity for men and women in the selected country is used.

Live Until Age - Alternatively, use this field to estimate how long you or the person will live until, which provides a great way to what-if calculate, especially since many people are living longer. So you might calculate midlife based on living until 80, 90, 100, or more! If calculating for someone who is no longer alive, use this field to enter the age the person actually lived until.